Sunday, September 15, 2013


When I started training for my first marathon, I received a great piece of advice.  “None of us is going to win this thing.  We’re not going to be on the podium or get a big check, so just have fun.”

For 99.999999% of us, this is true.

So, when I convinced my friend, and Workout Partner or WOP, that we should do the CyMan Triathlon today, my lure was, “Let’s just have fun!”

Well… we all know how that goes.  Frankly, when I woke up this morning, I did NOT want to do a triathlon –not even a sprint.  However, I’ve never ditched an event and I wasn’t ready to start now (maybe when I’m 75 and my sciatica is acting up), but not now. 

You can tell by these “before” pictures that I’m less than enthused. 

But there is something about just getting in the thick of things (the mosh pit of a triathlon swim) and doing it, that gets your blood flowing.

As I exited the swim, I knew I was in good shape.  The adrenaline kicked in and I as I picked up my cadence on the bike, I began to think, ‘Maybe I will be in that .000001% that wins.’

It wasn’t the case.  But I did have fun – thanks to the friends who accompanied me along the way.

So, I’m glad I got out of bed.  I’m glad I “competed.”  I’m glad I showed up – which is half the battle in life.


And yes, I had fun!  However, the next time I wake up and think, ‘I don’t want to do this,’ I may consider rolling over, rubbing my ass – I mean sciatica – and asking my friends to meet me for brunch and cocktails – no wetsuit required!

SIDENOTE:  I’ll soon be posting my training schedule for a half Ironman.  It’s going to happen in the next year, so buckle up.  I also plan to start talking about my planned trip to Africa in March.  Stay tuned!!!

Peace… And Go Get ‘Em!

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