Thursday, November 14, 2013


More than a decade ago, a photojournalist and I were heading back from a story and she said, “I want to do your job.” 

I was a little taken aback, because she’s a wonderful person and was a great photographer (is now on to new challenges and triumphs).  And frankly, my job is not easy (I know, it's not brain surgery, but it's a lot of hard work).  My advice, which I rarely refer to as advice – just my personal conclusions on many screwed-up personal experiences - was this:  BECOME THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BE.

When I realized I wanted to become a broadcast journalist, I also realized I needed to make changes.  I needed to toughen up.  I really don’t like confrontations.  I would prefer to sit down with people/companies and ask them questions politely.  It’s only when they refuse to answer questions, which they have every right to (except people collecting tax dollars), do I feel a confrontation is necessary.

I also realized, in broadcasting, looks matter.  I realized I had to lose some weight.  I’m not perfect, by any means and I hope this standard is changing, but that’s reality.  At the very least, you have to blow dry your hair, put on foundation, mascara and a suit jacket, even if you’re wearing yoga pants on the bottom half.

And it became abundantly clear that I needed to kiss some ass.  I don’t like doing that.  However, as the saying goes, you attract more bees with honey.  That's how you get some of your best stories.  And honestly, a lot of those bees become good friends and confidants. 

I’m now at another turning point in my life.  I realize once again, I need to BECOME THE PERSON I WANT TO BE.  This is going to take a lot of hard work.  I need to make real changes.  As I told that photojournalist more than a decade ago, it’s not easy.  But when you become that person, everything – or at least most things – become right in your world.

Go Get ‘Em!